BAT Care & Knocking-IN ServiceBAT Care & Knocking-IN Service
2023 Bat Care & Knocking-IN Service

2023 Bat Care & Knocking-IN Service

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Knocking in a cricket bat is a noisy,
laborious process that we realize is not for everyone, especially if you don’t
want to upset your housemates or neighbors! So if you don’t have the time or
inclination to knock in your own bat, don’t worry – we’ll gladly do it for
you.  This professional service will include oiling, knocking-in and, if
required, the application of edge tape or, at a small extra cost, an
anti-scuff sheet.  Unlike various other cricket shops, we do not rely on a
machine for our handiwork.  No, no, no – we do it the old fashioned way,
by hand – using a wooden bat mallet.  This way the most vulnerable areas
of the bat, like the toe and edges, get full attention and are properly knocked
in, not just the sweet spot.  So, if you get your bat knocked in with us,
it should last you a lot longer than one that’s been done by a machine.

As we knock in all our bats manually,
they take a little bit longer to do, especially at busy times of the year.
!With this in mind, we have a queue system in
place and turnaround times are typically 10-14 days, sometimes a bit longer
during peak season (March-July).  We urge you to be patient throughout the
process and allow for this time.  We advise that cricket bats are not
bought at the last minute! If you buy a bat during the week with our
knocking-in service, please do not expect it to be ready for your game that
weekend! Next weekend is always more likely…


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