6″ Inner/Outer Circle Cricket Marker Discs [20 Pack]

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These easy-use marker discs are the perfect tool for marking the inner ring on a cricket outfield.

Easily and precisely indicate the restriction lines during limited overs and Twenty20 matches. Made from high quality plastic, these packs of discs are ideal.

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  • MAKE YOUR MARK – Clearly display the infield during limited over cricket matches.
  • PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE – Mark your field f
  • REGULATION SIZE – Discs are 6 inches in diameter.
  • DURABLE – Made using high-strength plastic.
  • FAST SHIPPING – In stock for rapid ship 
  • Pack of 20 marker discs (enough to clearly indicate a regulation circle and close infield for powerplay overs).
    – Disc measures 6 inches in diameter.
    – Made from durable plastic.
    – Perfectly portable – simply throw down to mark the fielding circle 


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