GM Dynamic Cricket Bat HandleGM Dynamic Cricket Bat Handle

GM Dynamic Cricket Bat Handle Grip

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  • Cricket Bat Grip GM Dynamic Bat Handle Grip White Green Black Top.
  • The GM Dynamic Cricket Batting Grip is a superb cricket batting grip. In fact, it is a revolutionary batting grip.
  • This is so because there is no right way to put on the GM Dynamic Cricket Batting Grip. It can be put on either way around.
  • The greatness in that is that it gives more grip to the hand that needs it more. Cricketers usually know if they are top or bottom hand dominant.
  • Or some players favor holding the cricket bat high up on the handle, think Adam Gilchrist and some cricketers prefer holding the cricket bat much lower on the cricket bat, think Graham Thorpe.
  • Therefore there is the need to have a grip that can be turned around and give additional grip either at the top or at the bottom, depending on where the batsman wants it.


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