GN1000 Wicketkeeping Glove Adult

Product Code: CS-10726


Gray Nicolls GN 1000 high-grade PU glove, thin lightweight HDF cuff combined with the ultra-lightweight thimbles make this our lightest glove in the collection. Finger save inserts give extra protection ball after ball.

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  • Playing Level: Test.
  • Overview: Ultra-lightweight PU glove with square cuff and improved catching area.
  • Grip: Octopus grip: flexible, lightweight with large surface area in contact with the ball.
  • Technical Features: Improved construction for improved catching area, lightweight,
  • Thin HDF cuff design, lightweight thimbles with vapour foam inserts, mesh insert for breathability.
  • Materials: High-grade PU, octopus rubber grip, PU lining.


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