Gray Nicolls Wicketkeeping Cotton Paded InnerGray Nicolls Wicketkeeping Cotton Paded Inner

Gray Nicolls Wicket Keeping Cotton Paded Inner

Product Code: CS-10218


They are made with premium soft cotton, offering a beautifully comfortable feel on the hands that often come under massive strain. The elasticated wristband promised high levels of flexibility, so crucial for modern wicketkeepers, with the added benefit of extra comfort. When it gets hot, which it invariably does for wicketkeepers regardless of the weather, the mesh vented fingers ensure hot air can escape keeping hands dry and performance uninhibited.

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  • Premium soft cotton gloves giving a fantastic feel for wicketkeepers
  • Elasticated wristband offering incredible comfort and flexibility
  • Mesh vented fingers ensure wicketkeepers remain cool
  • Padded palms provide an extra layer of protection, much needed in the all-action wicketkeeping position


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