Kookaburra Big Beast Cricket Bat

Product Code: CS-10002


  • The return of the most feared bat in the game – The iconic Kookaburra Beast. Redesigned to meet the demands of the game in 2022 – The Beast provides ‘game changing’ players the opportunity to intimidate the bowler and make a real statement in their play.
  • The addition of the new ‘Counterbalance’ handle enhances the ‘pick up’ to provide a bat which packs a heavyweight punch.
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  • Grade 4 Unbleached English Willow
  • Short Handle only
  • Sweet Spot; approx. 215mm to 235mm from toe
  • Edge Thickness; approx. 38mm to 40mm
  • Edge Profile; round
  • Face Profile; rounded
  • Toe Profile; Taper
  • Spine Height; approx. 66mm to 68mm
  • Scallop; approx. 1mm to 2mm
  • Bow; approx. 11mm to 12mm
  • Handle; Counterbalance
  • Weight; 2lb 12oz to 3lb
  • ‘Silicon’ Grip
  • ‘Kookaburra Pre-Prepared’ (KPP)

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2.7 lbs, 2.8 lbs, 2.9 lbs


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