Kookaburra Kahuna KB 600 Batting PadsKookaburra Kahuna KB 600 Batting Pads

Kookaburra Kahuna KB 600 Batting Pads

Product Code: CS-10082


Kookaburra kahuna 600 cricket batting pads are endorsed by New Zealand international player Martin Guppta.



  • PVC Mesh Facing.
  • 3 Piece External Knee Roll.
  • External Knee Roll made of three pieces.
  • Better Shape Retention because of Vertical Bolsters.
  • Counter Knee Roll.
  • Tri-Section Shin Bolster re-inforced with Air Flow Mesh.
  • 7 Cane Width on Lead Leg.
  • Australian Style Design for closer fit around leg.
  • Durable Synthetic In-step.
  • Ergonomical Calf Strap for easy fastening.
  • 25 mm Thigh Straps with 25mm Hook and Loop Fastening.
  • Double Combination In Step made of PVC Mesh with Piping

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