SS R-7 E.W. Catch Practice Bat

SS R-7 E.W. Catch Practice Bat

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  • Latest TON series bat
  • A very handy and must have tool for cricket coaching
  • If your team drops catches and you need practice – this is the tool you must have for fielding practice
  • Light pick up
  • Premier balance and performance for hitting high shots with one hand.

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  • Test your boundary catching & slip catching with the Catching Bat.
  • The R-7 E.W Catching bat features high-density foam on one side on English Willow bat. Suitable for all levels of cricket.
  • An excellent addition to any cricket coach’s equipment bag, the R-7 E.W Catching Bat will transform the way you carry out coaching drills.
  • High-density foam to give the ball extreme bounce for long-distance catching drills.
  • The impressive bat comes with a good quality grip on the handle, ensuring coaches will always achieve an exceptional hold.
  • For optimal performance, it is recommend using the catching bat with traditional leather cricket balls.


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